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Third mission  

What is Third Mission?

Third Mission is defined as "the set of activities̀ by which Universities̀ enter into direct interaction with societỳ, flanking the traditional functions of teaching (first mission) and research (second mission)" (ANVUR Report on the State of the University and Research System 2013).

The Third Mission includes:

  • the activities of economic valorization of research aimed at fostering economic growth, through the transformation of knowledge produced by research into useful knowledge for productive purposes (intellectual property management, business creation, third-party research/consulting, management of intermediary and support structures
  • initiatives with socio-cultural and educational value, aimed at the production of public goods that increase the well-being of society and that may have cultural content (events and cultural goods, management of museum centers, archaeological excavations, scientific popularization), social content (public health, activities that benefit the community), educational content (continuing education) or civil awareness content (public debates, scientific expertise).


Third Mission Activities of the Department

The Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law encourages and promotes Third Mission initiatives for the dissemination and enhancement of knowledge in order to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of society, including through agreements with public and private entities.

The Department carries out, through its faculty, consultancy activities for third parties, offers numerous Advanced Courses and develops continuing education aimed at professionals in the legal world, organizing and participating, through its faculty, in courses and events accredited by professional orders. With regard to Public Engagement activities, the Department encourages the transfer of legal knowledge into the socio-cultural fabric of the territory, particularly through the dissemination of the most current and controversial legal issues at schools with a view to the implementation of civic education of students and the awareness of civil society with respect to issues of great public and social importance, so as to facilitate a vote as aware as possible as well as the knowledge of individuals with respect to issues related to the protection of rights.


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