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The research activity of the Department will concentrate on the following subjects:
1) The interaction between different legal systems and the regulations issued by bodies having rule and decision making power at national and international level.
In particular, the Department will focus its attention on the national and supranational sources of law, not only from the point of view of the adoption of rules, but also from the perspective of the progressive erosion of national sovereignty and the issues linked to the harmonization of different legal systems.

2) The interdisciplinary problems related to the right allocation of powers, the accountability, the legality of decisions made at different levels.
The consistency among diverse legal systems as concerns the substantive normative harmony and the right balance between public and private interests, also in relation with the issues connected to national and transnational form of government.

3) Problems concerning multilevel regulation on the protection of rights of persons and groups from a substantive and procedural point of view and the way through which national, supranational and international jurisdictional bodies manage these subjects.
The research activity will focus on the issues related to the people integration process with an eye to the changing perspective of the protection of individual and group rights. Also the influence of the development of science and technology on law application in daily life will be object of study.

4) Questions related to the current meaning of the rule of law. Researches will address the way to put the participatory democracy and social justice principles at the centre of law and decision making process. In particular, important areas of interest will be those of  equal opportunities, gender perspectives and discriminations.

5) Topics regarding the evolution of techniques of judicial protection of rights, the alternative means of settling disputes through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration and problems related to the enforcement of individual or collective measures of judicial protection.

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