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Introduction PhD in Public, International and European Union Law - Dottorato in Diritto Pubblico, Internazionale ed Europeo  

The PhD program contributes to the scientific and methodological development of the legal subjects involved, with an approach of integration among the various areas of research.
The legal topics dealt with, also on a comparative law perspective, encompass the fundamental institutions of Constitutional Law (e.g. nature and transformations of political representation, different relationship among institutions, role of the judges, protection of rights) as well as the complexity characterizing the modern Administrative Law, which is experiencing a deeper and deeper interaction with the European administrations, both national and international, in a problematic bundle of competences and responsibilities.

The doctorate also aims at providing the tools for the deepening of the methodologies of research in the various areas of International Law, Private International Law and European Union Law, with regard both to the institutional profiles, both under an institutional and a substantial point of view.
The profound transformations of the international community, the increased relations between individuals and companies at a transnational level and the continuous expansion of competences of the European Union impose to consider the most diverse areas of legal research into an international and European perspective.

The education program is developed along three main trajectories: a) the protection of rights; b) the functioning of the single institutions; c) the sources of law, analyzed from the perspective of the different areas of law involved in the PhD.

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