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Le migrazioni forzate e l'accoglienza dello straniero

Patrizia Comito, Alcune questioni di genere: accenni a tratta e FGM
Friday 25th October 2013, h. 16.30, aula 311, 3 ECTS


Fall semester 2013

Programme (file pdf)

From Friday 4th October 2013, h. 16.30, aula 311, University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono, 7

The ten classes of ASMiRA's Multidisciplinary Course on Forced Migrations and Reception of Aliens are open to students and any participants interested in the topic. The course will examine the historical origins of forced migrations bearing in mind the geo-political and social context in which this phenomenon emerges. An analysis of the current Italian and European legislation on forced migrations will allow participants to consider the implications of different reception and integration systems. The course will also focus on the protection of vulnerable persons and on our perception of migrants based on the socio-cultural context we live in.

You should confirm your participation at: formazione@asmira.org


01 October 2013
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