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Agreement between EWHA Womans University School of Law (Seoul, Republic of Korea) and The University of Milan, Law Faculty

The agreement (which will remain into force for a period of three years) aims to create and develop an academic collaboration, as well as faculty and student exchanges, between Ewha Womans University and the University of Milan, Faculty of Law (Department of Private Law and History of Law, Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law, Department of Legal Sciences “Cesare Beccaria”).

The duration of stay for exchange students at the host institution will be for up a period of one semester (six months) or one academic year. Each institution may send and accept up to 10 students each academic year, each studying for up to one academic year. One student for one full academic year will be admitted as the equivalent of two students for one semester each.

The candidates will be selected initially by the home institution and the host institution will make the final admission decision. To apply for the exchange program, the students of the University of Milan will have completed at least two academic years at home university; a minimum of one academic year is required for EWHA students. Good academic standing is also required (a minimum 75% average or GPA of 3.0 in previous academic work at the home university. A minimum grade average amounting to 27/30 is required for the students of the University of Milan). Exchange students should meet the requirements of admission language criteria of the hosting university.

Before the departure, each exchange student will subscribe a learning agreement with the supervisors of both the home and host institutions, choosing up to 4 courses per semester.

Exchange students will pay tuition fees only at their home institution. Other costs, including international travel, accommodations, books, supplies, meals, health insurance, civil liability insurance and accident insurance coverage will be the responsibility of the exchange students.

As concerns faculty exchange, either institution may contact the other to inform it of opportunities for the faculty, for visiting lecturers or visiting researchers. They will be responsible for their own housing and transportation.

Professor Nerina Boschiero is the scientific supervisor and responsible for the agreement on behalf of the University of Milan.

Professor Young Sok Kim is the scientific supervisor and responsible for the agreement on behalf of the EWHA Womans University.

03 February 2014
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