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What is a Legal Clinic?

Legal Clinics are particularly known in the Anglo-Saxon academic world, within which they are born as a method of practical teaching allowing law students to actively work on real cases and involving them in legal aid projects.

Law Clinics enable students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they acquired through classes and further it thanks to legal practice activities conducted under the supervision of experienced legal practitioners.

What are the aims of the LCPI?

The Legal Clinic on International Protection (LCPI) consists of legal activities aimed at granting legal assistance to asylum-seekers, refugees, persons entitled to the subsidiary protection and stateless persons.

The objective is to provide students involved in the LCPI with both a deep knowledge of the issues related to international protection and practical means to deal with the legal difficulties that persons in need if international protection have to face.  

Once having completed the LCPI, students will have an extensive knowledge of the different status and forms of protection that are granted to the victims of forced migration within the international and the Italian legal framework. They are also expected to acquire a deep knowledge of both the procedures aimed at the examination of international protection claims and the procedural and social rights that claimants are entitled to in the host country.

How does the LCPI work?

To enroll in the LCPI programme, students must have previously attended a course on International Refugee and Human Rights Law (45-hours, 6 credits), which is taught in English and runs from March through May. The course examines the international human rights and refugee regimes and how their institutions and legal instruments protect the rights of refugees and forced migrants.

The LCPI seminar (20-hours, 3 credits) is taught in Italian from October to December and is attached to the course of International Law (A-D, Professor Nerina Boschiero). The seminar concerns the implementation of international protection in Italy, with a particular focus on procedures, data protection, ethics, country of origin information (COI), and reception conditions in Milano.

Following the attendance of the seminar, students obtain an Attendance Certificate and are granted 3 credits from the Law Faculty. Students having obtained good results in the LCPI are supported in the research of an internship. The University of Milan has concluded internship agreements with a number of institutions, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Commissione Territoriale per il Riconoscimento dello Status di Rifugiato and the Associazione per gli Studi sulle Migrazioni, il Rifugio e l’Apolidia (ASMiRA).

How to enrol?

To enroll in the LCPI programme submit your application, consisting of a certificate reporting all your academic results, by 16 October 2015.


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Legal Clinic sulla Protezione Internazionale (LCPI)
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Prof. Dr José H. Fischel de Andrade, MSt (Cambridge)
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Dott.ssa Giulia Vicini
Email: giulia.vicini@unimi.it
Dott.ssa Maria Paula Contreras
Email: paula.contreras@caa.columbia.edu

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