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Department Board  

Department Board


The Department Board is the policy-making, planning, coordination and auditing body of the Department. It carries on all the tasks appointed to it by law, academic regulations and statute.


It is composed of all professors and researchers of the Department, administrative and technical staff, representatives of students and representatives of research fellows, Ph.D. and specialization students


Representatives of Administrative and technical staff

Dott. Gianluigi D'ARGENIOResponsabile amministrativa  gianluigi.dargenio@unimi.it
Dott.ssa Paola CARMINATIRappresentante personale T/A   paola.carminati@unimi.it
Dott.ssa Michela GIUDICIRappresentante personale T/A  michela.giudici@unimi.it
Sig.ra Mariantonia TOTORappresentante personale T/A mariantonia.toto@unimi.it

of research fellow

Nome e Cognome  Contatti
Dott. Michele GRASSImichele.grassi@unimi.it


Representatives of PhD students

Nome e Cognome  Contatti
Dott.ssa Erika COLOMBOerika.colombo@unimi.it
Dott.ssa Costanza RIZZETTOcostanza.rizzetto@unimi.it

Representatives of students

Daniele ANSELMIdaniele.anselmi@studenti.unimi.it
Emma CREOLAemma.creola@studenti.unimi.it
Chiara DI BRIGIDAchiara.dibrigida@studenti.unimi.it
Marina FALSETTImartina.falsetti@studenti.unimi.it
Jacopo MARCHESIjacopo.marchesi@studenti.unimi.it
Margherita POZZOLImargherita.pozzoli@studenti.unimi.it
Luciano PROSPERI luciano.prosperi@studenti.unimi.it
Luca TOSONI luca.tosoni1@studenti.unimi.it
Giacomo ZAGARIAgiacomo.zagaria@studenti.unimi.it  

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