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The Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law promotes and coordinates the scientific research and contributes to the organization of teaching activity in the areas which fall in its competence. It publishes and publicizes the results achieved; organizes seminars, national and international meetings; manages relationships with equivalent European and world scientific institutions; encourages the participation of its members in the activities carried out from national and international organizations and scientific societies; maintains connections with academic institutions at home and abroad, also with the exchange of professors and researchers; endorses and supervises relationships with subjects and bodies able to contribute to the development of all kind of research activities admitted from the academic regulations; conducts researches upon request based on contracts and conventions; carries out consultancies, in accordance with academic purposes and the Academic Regulation for the administration, finance and accountability; promotes the activation of common services structures, fostering the practical needs of the researchers.
According to the guidelines indicated in the European Research Area (ERA) project, the Department favours a multidisciplinary approach to the research and the interaction among the different fields of law.
It is organized into 4 sections corresponding to the most important scientific areas of study and develops researches over Administrative, Constitutional,  International, European Union and Procedural Civil law.
The Department is registered in QuESTIO, the mapping system of research services, technology transfer and innovation support created by Regione Lombardia.
It endorses the principles included in the Code of Ethics of the University and commits itself to respect, not only at formal level, the principles of equal opportunities for all.

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