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Bissaro Stefano  

foto stefano bissaro

Stefano Bissaro

PhD Student - XXXI Cycle

E-mail: stefano.bissaro@unimi.it

Field of research: The Principle of Legality in Criminal Law. A Constitutional Study

Tutor: Prof.ssa Francesca BIONDI

Short biography and reserach areas:  Stefano Bissaro (Verona, 1989) graduated with honours at the University of Milan in 2014 discussing a dissertation in Parliamentary law.
After the degree, Stefano worked as an Intern for 18 months at Milan Court, dealing in particular with property crimes.
Since September 2015, Stefano is a PHD candidate in Constitutional law.
Under the supervision of Prof. Marilisa D’Amico and Prof. Francesca Biondi, Stefano conducts a research focusing on the interaction between Constitutional and Criminal law.
In April 2015, Stefano presented the first results of his research at the First Doctoral Workshop of the European School of Law held at the Toulouse 1 University Capitole.
Stefano collaborates with the Chairs of Constitutional law and Constitutional Justice. He also works as a tutor for the course of Constitutional law.
In September 2016, Stefano passed the bar exam at the Milan Appeal Court.

Specialisation areas: constitutional principles in criminal matters, parliamentary prerogatives.

Main areas: Constitutional law, Constitutional justice.


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